Read this portion carefully. Make sure you understand your responsibilities.

I am requesting that the Court place me on supervision for the enclosed traffic violation. It does not require me to appear in court.

I was not under the age of 18 on the date of the violation. If so, I have been approved by the Court to complete the Traffic Safety Program.

I understand my Traffic Safety Program fee is non-refundable if I fail to complete the class or I am found to be ineligible.

I understand that my supervision will last 180 days from the date the PLEA is recorded at the court and it requires me to receive no other convictions for additional traffic violations during this time.

I have not been placed on court supervision for any traffic violation issued within 12 months (365 days) of the violation.

I understand that I am PLEADING GUILTY to the charge on this ticket, I WAIVE my right to a hearing by the court or jury and request court supervision.

I agree to complete the Traffic Safety Program within 180 days from the date the PLEA is recorded.

I understand my supervision will be summarily revoked and my guilty plea will be used to enter a conviction if: